I develop informational websites on my own free time. It started in 2015 when I was writing a few pages for a website I was making about simple network troubleshooting. Because I had fun and could easily draw upon career experience I soon ended up with more than a hundred pages worth of original content, both text and images.

After receiving much positive feedback from online communities and the website gained some traction I decided that I wanted to create more of these informational websites. I also realised that I could develop and offer course materials and other content through my websites.

Since I do not operate a business I make the material available for free, even for commercial use. However I gladly accept donations from people who find my work useful. I also use advertisements on my websites to cover operational costs and to create a small revenue.

Some of the material that I offer for free, especially material for teachers, is otherwise typically only available as part of course packages that could cost up to hundreds or thousands of US dollars. If you are using my published material in a professional setting and it helps you in your work, please consider making a donation.